Milk Hipp Biologico Combiotik 2 800 g Continuation

Combiotik 2 is an organic milk for infants from 6 months of age. It is also ideal as a complement to breast milk. Combiotik 2 is formulated with prebiotics (GOS) and vitamins A, C and D for the immune system. This Combiotik 2 Organic Milk is made from milk from organic cows fed an organic diet. The Combiotik Organic Infant Milk formula is free of genetically modified ingredients and harmful pesticides. It is composed of organic milk, Prebiotics and LCPs Omega 3 & 6. The many years of experience and research of HiPP's nutritional science department mean that HiPP ORGANIC foods contain everything a baby needs for a healthy and natural development. As a pioneer in organic production, Hipp also relies on organic ingredients in infant formula. Combiotik 2 Biological HiPP Continuation Milk provides all the nutrients a baby needs in his or her diet from 6 months of age. With the best biological quality of all its main ingredients and adapted to each stage of the baby. Its composition respects the pattern of mother's milk.