Chilly Intimate Gel Moisturizing Formula Hygiene 250ml

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Discover Chilly Moisturizing, the intimate hygiene gel that provides hydration and nourishment for the intimate areas. It is especially indicated during periods of increased intimate dryness that occur, for example, in situations of stress, when taking the pill or during menopause. Increases mucosal hydration by 23.5%**. Enriched with olive oil extract, it provides a rapid sensation of relief in 100% of cases***. Enriched with an anti-odor molecule, effective against odors. Respects the natural physiological balance of the mucous membranes. Suitable for daily use, especially in periods of increased dryness of the intimate areas, for example: Periods of stress. When taking the pill or other hormonal contraceptives. During menopause or periods of hormonal changes.