Sucralín el sustituto del azúcar de más calidad y más barato del mercado

Sucralín the highest quality and cheapest sugar substitute on the market

Sucralín the highest quality and cheapest sugar substitute on the market

Health is first

We have always heard that the evolution of the world is inexorable. And it seems that we have the feeling that time flies. That's very true. However, the pandemic has given us a kind of brake (very limited, yes) so that we reflect on many things. Among the priorities of our lives , health has emerged as the most important. The one that moves the rest. And that makes us value a little more what we eat daily. Because we are made of what we eat, and there is no need to think about it.

The volume of sales of healthy products has increased, and this awareness to take care of ourselves seems to not stop increasing. That is excellent news.

Why choose Sucralin

In our sector, that of alternative sweeteners to sugar, the war, as in many other categories that want to take advantage of this healthier trend, has intensified. But the beneficiary has not been the consumer, who, on the one hand, does benefit from the downward price war, but on the other, the differences between the products they can choose from are not explained.

In a supermarket, aggressive discounts are increasingly taking precedence to attract customers to consume more, and in some cases, in our competition, to try to differentiate themselves by price, what they do is offer less product. So it seems that they reduce their price. But they really offer less for the same price.

Sucralin , for 11 years in the market, has prevailed for offering the best raw materials, and being the benchmark among sweeteners of natural origin in the market. We know that we are the ones that use the best quality and our products are superior to the rest of the competition, therefore, you can only compete against us by offering less product. Because? Well, because Sucralín is the one that spreads the most, with its equivalence of 1 gram of Sucralín is the same as 7 grams of sugar. Therefore, despite the fact that our price is not the cheapest, exclusively comparing price with price, when you compare the grams of the competition (by the way, glass jars, 40 and 75 grams equivalent to 1gr = 1gr of sugar), we have them in 175g, 190g or 300g, so they last much longer and that is why we are the cheapest on the market (if we compare grams/euro each).

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