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Solidarity initiative against Covid-19

Solidarity initiative against Covid-19

To avoid the collapse of hospitals due to the Coronavirus , the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine known as SEMI and the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine known as SemFYC call on their volunteer doctors, both active and retired, to dedicate part of their their time to solve patient doubts in real time.

Doctors who want to volunteer can access the platform through . Users will have to download the Quiero Cuidarme Más application on their mobiles from which they will access teleconsultations.

The objective is to help patients who need guidance in light cases or minor symptoms to help avoid the possible collapse of the emergency room .

Both SEMI and SemFYC are aware of the extraordinary situation that exists due to COVID-19. With the help of the DKV Group, they will communicate to all their members the possibility of offering their free time or quarantine to voluntarily provide medical advice to those who need it most.

The DKV group guarantees the information security and confidentiality and of the data and expressly undertakes not to use in any way the information that could be exchanged during these consultations, as well as to completely delete all clinical information stored during these days from your app.