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Buy thermometers online, our salvation

Buy thermometers online, our salvation

The fever is one of the symptoms presented by Covid-19 . Therefore, the thermometers They are another of the products that have sold the most since the infections began to multiply In our country.

But you must follow a series of guidelines when taking our body temperature because it is not always done correctly.

From what temperature do we have a fever? According to experts, in the case of people of an adult age, a fever begins when the temperature is above 37.2 to 37.5 ºC, depending on the time of day.

In the case of children it is different, it is considered that they have a fever from 37.2 ºC under the arm, 37.5 ºC in the mouth and 38 ºC rectally.

The thermometers that we recommend are digital or electronic . Mercury ones don't since glass can break and mercury is toxic.

There are three ways to take your temperature:

From the armpit, placing the tip under the arm, in the armpit, pressing the arm against the body. From the mouth, placing the tip under the tongue and closing the mouth for three minutes or until the thermometer beeps and finally rectally, this method is used with children and babies.

Body temperature can vary throughout the day, it is usually highest in the early evening but also exercising, wearing many layers of clothing and having a high ambient temperature can have a significant influence on human body temperature.